Funtasia Educare Centre is a safe and affordable nursery school for parents who are looking for a loving and stimulating environment for their child to learn and grow. We accept babies from as little as 6 weeks to Grade R (6-year olds). Our school fees include the following:

  • Qualified and loving teachers and staff members.
  • Safe premises with 24hrs armed response.
  • A comprehensive approach to Early Childhood Development (with a focus on your child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and personal development).
  • Specialized Gross Motor Program, which was developed by Louise van Biljon (B.Sc Human Movement Science – Honors, Kinderkinetici with specialization in Child Development) from Khalri.
  • Balanced Diet which includes breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks (all of which are freshly prepared on the premises daily).
  • Hands-on management by owners.
  • Dual language nursery school – Afrikaans & English.
  • Small classes to ensure individual attention and growth.
  • Fun daily routines with a focus on development at every stage.
  • Veggie Garden to encourage experiential learning.
  • Friday fun days such as make-and-bake, science experiments, teaching emotional intelligence, visits from experts such as reptile enthusiasts, and puppet shows.
  • Other fun days, like show and tell or dress-up days to express your child’s individuality.

We are situated in The Reeds, Centurion and we are open from 06:30 to 18:00. We offer various price structures and have a full-day, half-day, and day-rate option available, as well as additional babysitting services for those times when you are in a pinch.

We are open all year, except on public holidays and during the annual December school holidays.

our classes & Facilities

Our nursery school has 6 different class groups, to make sure that our kids get the individual attention that they need to grow and learn in a safe environment.

In order to view more information on a specific class, please click on the class name. This will provide you with a document with the complete classroom routine and also class requirements:

In addition to our fully equipped classrooms, we also have an on-site kitchen (where all our children’s meals are freshly prepared on a daily basis), big open play areas (individually fenced to ensure the safety of smaller children), and easily accessible safe drop-off and pick-up area.

integrated learning approach

Our top priority at Funtasia is the development of your child. Having been in operation since 2008, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to early childhood development. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Dual medium: Afrikaans & English
  • Social development is your child’s ability to interact with others. A child goes through different phases of social development, as follow:
    • Parallel play – where they play next to one another, but not with one another.
    • Audience play – is where they mimic one another. For example, follow the leader.
    • Competitive play – is where they try to outdo one another.
    • Cooperative play – playing with one another in a game. For example, pretend play.
  • Cognitive development is where your child’s scholastic ability develops. We start off with sensory integration and then move over to understanding, being able to think about and use data learned. We also focus on problem solving and creativity.  This includes but is not limited to shapes, counting, body concept, language development, art, etc.
  • Emotional development is very important as we teach our children about:
    • Identifying and naming their own emotions.
    • Understanding and identifying the emotions in others.
    • Learning socially acceptable ways to communicate and relieve intense emotions/emotional control.
  • Language development is where we teach the children expressive language by using songs, object recognition, rhymes, etc. We encourage the child to communicate and we are always ready to listen. We also teach your child how to listen effectively, not only with their ears, with their body and full attention.
  • Maths development commences with gross motor development. We have an excellent gross motor program. We also make sure that the children do not just count (memory skill), but that they understand the concept of what 1 is, what 2 is, etc. We also teach halve, quarter, etc. in a fun way by making a fruit salad or cutting their fruit in halve, etc.
  • A specialized gross motor program was developed by, Louise van Biljon (B.Sc – Human Movement Science, Kinderkinetici, Specialist in Child development) from Khalri, especially for Funtasia students. This helps our children to create healthy habits by learning how to move and use their bodies fully.
  • Child-Focused Routines include learning about personal hygiene for example brushing teeth, washing hands before meals, etc.
  • Grade R – Funtasia is fully equipped to facilitate Grade R’s, following the CAPS curriculum, to ensure your child is school ready for Grade 1. In addition, we also ensure that our children learn how to problem-solve and being able to use the information they have received.

We have carefully curated an age-appropriate program for each age group, to ensure optimal development and growth. Much of the above skills are learned through play, which is a very important aspect of Funtasia’s developmental program.

School Diet & Veggie Garden

A balanced nutritional diet is essential to your child’s development and we pride ourselves on our trusty cook Sarah, who has been with Funtasia Educare Centre from the very beginning. Sarah and her team, freshly prepare all meals on our premises. We only use the best suppliers for our fresh ingredients, sometimes even harvesting veggies from our own garden.

Our meal plan and times are as follow:

08:00 – Breakfast (porridge, for example, oats, matabella, or maize meal)

10:00 – Snack (fruit)

12:00 – Lunch (balanced home-made meal, for example, cottage pie with salad, tuna pasta with veggies, etc)

16:00 – Snack (sandwich)

We also make sure to keep in mind any allergies (if applicable).

As part of the program at Funtasia, we offer a vegetable garden, where we teach our kids to plant, care for, and harvest vegetables from the garden. The crops go straight to our kitchen, where Sarah uses it as part of that day’s meal. This is definitely a highlight for the kids and is an awesome part of their developmental journey.

Safety & Security

Being parents ourselves, we understand the importance of creating a safe environment for our kids, to play, learn and grow, that is why we have 24hrs armed response, an electric fence around the property, as well as an electric entrance and exit gate.

Furthermore, we also have the following safety measures in place:

  • All children need to be accompanied by a parent from their car to the classroom. No unaccompanied children are allowed.
  • Because we limit the number of children in our classrooms, it gives our teachers and assistants the ability to know the whereabouts of every child all the time.
  • We make an effort to get to know each child and parent.
  • We do not allow anyone but the parents (or people identified by the parents) to pick up your child, without prior written consent from the parents. If unsure, we always contact the parent just to make double sure.

Safety is one of our main priorities and we are always trying to find new ways to improve in this area.

extra mural activities

In addition to our wonderful developmental program, we also offer the following extra-murals:

  • Soccer Stars
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Kiddies Sports

We are always open to new suggestions, so if you don’t see something that your child may be interested in, please let us know and we will look into it.