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our story ::: how we STARTED

Funtasia Educare Centre is a certified child-care facility that started in 2008 with 2 mothers, wanting a safe, homely nursery school where their children would receive lots of love, together with a focus on their physical, mental, emotional, social, and personal development.

After Adre and Mariaan, visited a couple of pre-schools in Centurion and not finding one which met the above criteria, they decided to put their skills, talents, and expansive knowledge to work and created a dual-medium Edu-care center for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Adre and Mariaan recognized the need for a quality, accredited nursery school where children are not merely only looked after, but they are nurtured, loved, and receive excellent developmental opportunities, throughout the day.

Being mothers themselves, they understand the anxiety which is provoked by leaving your baby or child in the hands of a “stranger”, that is why they created this safe space for children to play, laugh and learn. It’s like being at home away from home.

Since 2008, we have built a safe and loving space where your child can grow, learn and play, with a superb stimulation program developed by professionals for your child to reach their highest potential, whilst having fun.

meet the owners

Mariaan Oosthuizen is a mother and a Registered Counsellor that has her own private practice. She has a degree in Psychology (B-psig) with experience in human development, child behavior, and children’s developmental milestones. She provides invaluable advice to parents on all child development issues. 

Adre de Jager is a mom of three beautiful children, including twins. She has a degree in sport science as well as a post-graduate certificate in teaching. She also has 15 years’ experience in teaching and has extensive experience in running a business.

our vision

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our mission

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meet our staff


Funtasia Educare Centre has the highest standard when it comes to their staff members. Most staff members at Funtasia have been working here for 4 years+ and they all have an absolute love for children and a passion to teach and take your child’s development to the next level.

All staff members are expected to have basic knowledge of Early Childhood Development which includes (but is also not limited to) mental, cognitive, moral-, emotional, behavioral, social, gross motor, fine motor, language, and mathematical development. They are also required to be emotionally intelligent, to create a safe space for your child to express their emotions and work through them at their own pace.

Our teachers are all qualified educators and we also offer continual internal training to all our staff members regularly. Some of these topics include:

        First Aid (a top priority at Funtasia Nursery School)

        Emotional Intelligence in the classroom

        Potty Training & How to Handle Different Situations

        Good Class Practice

        Discipline in the classroom

In addition to internal training, we also encourage our staff to attend external training on relevant topics related to childhood development, etc. All staff members have a real love for children and they know how important it is to create a safe space for your child to play, learn, grow, and just have fun.

Our motto is “Happy Staff = Happy Children”.

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